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    ProActive Public Adjustment, Inc. is a premier public adjusting firm that focuses on serving policyholders in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We understand that property damage is devastating to your emotional and financial health, it is our goal to make the claim settlement equitable and prompt with minimal stress.

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    ProActive Public Adjustment, Inc. is licensed by the state and bonded to represent policyholders in the complicated and stressful insurance claims process. Our goal is to manage and negotiate your claim so that you recover the fullest amount possible under your insurance coverage. >more

  • What Do Public Adjusters Do?

    We handle every part of the insurance claim process including notifying your carrier, documenting the damages and communications with your insurance company, coordinating emergency repairs, estimating damages, and negotiating the settlement that you deserve.  >more

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    The insurance process can be extremely daunting and overwhelming to most individuals, not to mention the stress of your home or business sustaining physical or monetary damages. The responsibility of presenting and documenting an insurance claim lies on you, the policyholder. >more